The Financially Fierce Females Members Club

Tackle the mindset and skillset require to take control of your finances and live life without money worries, sacrificies or saddles of debt! 

This is unlike ANY membership out there in that your will develop the mindset and skillset to build business and personal wealth.

Every single month you will access new learnings and strategies to turnaround your financial situation and take back contol.

From growing profits, to tackling debt, to building your wealth, I've got you covered and your money ituation covered.

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Here's how it works:


New Modules on the topic of Money and Building Wealth every month 

Every month we'll talk about a different subject of money from Mindset, to Profits, to Investing and much more.


New workbooks and exercises every month 

Monthly workbooks and exercises to give you the strategic steps to implement the learnings. 


Live Q & A every month 

Once a month I will host a Live Q & A session where you can ask me anything and everything about making money, growing profits, savings, investing and much, much more!

What will you get by being in The FFF Members Club?

Mindset & Skillset

Every month you will get a video (PDF format also available) and an accompanying workbook or exercise to empower you with the Mindset & Skillset for creating wealth. Every month will be a new topic.


Every 90 days we will set new goals and work towards them each month. We will collectively support and encourage each other to master our money and take back control.

Access to me through Live Q & A's

Every single month there will be a live Q & A where you can ask me anything you want about money and building wealth for you and your business. PLUS one day a week, every week I'll be in our Private FB Group answering your Q's.

Working with Dominique has honestly changed my life! I never seemed to be able to generate money no matter how great my products were. People loved what I did but the money just never seemed to come. Working with Dominique that totally changed! I have always done personal development and lived by the principals that Dominique teaches but I had never applied it to money.

In the first week I had major shifts and generated over £1000 in sales. Not only that my confidence skyrocketed and I suddenly stepped into my own power. Things have continued to to be amazing and I had my first ever £3000 week last week! (In fact it was a £3000 2 days!) If you want to truly succeed and reach your potential financially I would 100% recommend Dominique - she’s a miracle worker

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Hands on learnings and how to's, here's just a few:

Month 1 

Money Goal Setting

Let's get upfront and personal about your big financial goals and set the intention for what's to come. We map out your financial targets for the short, medium and long term.

Month 2

Financially Fierce Mindset

Wealth creation is 85% MINDSET. We look at your current money mindset and work to release beliefs that no longer serve you. 

Month 3 

Expenses and Spending

It's not about what you earn.. it's abut what you keep. We trim the fat and set up strategies and systems to curb unnecessary spending. Budgets, like diets, don't work so this is about creating a whole new way to be.

Month 4

Income and Profit

We maximise all earnings in your business. We evaluate ways for you to increase profits and take away those money worries.

Month 5 


It's not what you earn, it's what you keep. This month is all about understanding strategies for saving money no matter how much you earn.

Month 6

Debt Clearing

Debt is like a ball and chain around your neck. In this month we look at your current debt and putting in place a plan of action to eliminate it. 

Month 7

Refinancing and Renegotiating

We'll look at ensuring you are getting the best deals financially across all of your expenses and renegotiate where needed.

Month 8


This is all about understanding tax to ensure you are structured correctly and maxmising your eligble tax deductions. 

And every month a new money module, so you'll get much, much more!

Ready to take control of your finances?